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Back at the Multi Parrots Avian Center complex with do help beginner’s breeders and amateur breeders start up their own private aviaries with their own preferred bird species. We educate, provide full packages and reasonable discounts since we largely promote all those will to start a private aviary. We have babies, young and adult exotic parrots which are trained by our pet experts back at the aviary who transform our birds to pets and love birds. We give a discount to those who buy in pairs and some starter feed. Below is a list of Parrots and other exotic birds we currently have at the aviary:
Blue and Gold Macaw
African Congo Grey
Scarlet Macaws
Hyacinth Macaws
Rose Breasted Cockatoos
Many Cockatoos
We are also responsible for the hatching of our own Eggs for we have large and small Incubators ready for rent and also for offer to starter breeders who need to hatch their own babies. We’re interested in order from serious starters or lovers of our exotic birds. You can reach us directly with your feedback at Telephone: +237 (0 [***] (Whatsapp) Email: [***] [***]