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Hello everyone, i rescued another 3 baby fennec foxes today. I found their mom and 2 other fur foxes in a very bad condition. Ever since i was a kid I've always love to own a fox pet and now it happens i have 18 of them by rescue. Most of their conditions when i find them makes me want to quite but they give me all reasons to give them live again. I am planning on buying commercial property to put the rescue on. This means 3/4 acres of land to have foxes, animal tours, become USDA licensed to be an open and operating animal sanctuary!
This will increase my capacity to another! This is going to be a huge move for the rescue and I need your help with whatever you support me with big or small! I want to make sure and set up my full mind that running an animal rescue is the right thing for me. I will need to fundraise the money.
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