Can Fashion Be Copyrighted? I am a company

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Answer is no. However, some designers and manufacturers are trying to pass legislation that would offer fashion-designers copyright-like protection. While it's not likely to be passed by the current Congress, this proposal has sparked a fierce debate about the creative process and how much creativity is worth. The women's fashion industry, for example, topped $100 billion in retail sales in 2005. While a federal law may never protect every single design, it might make things easier for designers.
For example, the U.S. is a notorious pirate nation, and the only country that offers complete copyright protection for fashion is France. However, this doesn't mean that all designs can't be protected. In fact, common design elements, such as those of a varsity letter jacket, are not copyrighted. They would have a wool torso, leather sleeves, and a multi-colored collar, which would not fall under a copyright.